n 2019, Hope Village for Children was able to make our founder, Sela Ward’s vision of, “leading each child to a place where HOPE is born,” come full circle, by adding another facet to our services and becoming licensed for Therapeutic Foster Care.  This allows us as a facility to provide child-placing services for current children on our campus who express a desire to be matched and placed with foster parents in a single home setting and leave our on-campus Therapeutic Group home.  We are now working hard to recruit, train, and support potential foster parents and foster homes within our local community. 

We have the capability to develop quality foster homes by offering proper training and support for these foster parents.  Because we feel we know the children in our care best, and have developed individualized treatment plans and services tailored to each of their personal needs, we will be better able to match them to a suitable home and parents.  Helping our children find a foster home in the community allows us to hand pick a family for them and lessens the chance of a failed  placement occurring.  This, along with long term support through our wrap-around services and resources, will go a long way to ensuring success.  In addition, Hope Village is able to build a rapport with the foster family and child, thus remaining an integral part of their lives, keep contact with them; maintain a relationship with them; act as extended family/support system for them, as well as follow their progress/development. 

Our Foster Care Program is unique in that although Hope Village is a residential group living facility, we also believe that if a child desires to re-unify with family or seek a foster family, we want to help them achieve this goal and also provide the necessary services and resources to be successful.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, Hope Village for Children is actively recruiting and looking for qualified couples or individuals.  You must be at least 21 years old, in good health and financial standing, and highly motivated to provide love, care, and support.  Potential foster parents must be willing to complete: criminal background checks, FBI fingerprinting, sex offender registry checks, a full home-study, and the PRIDE training certification.  In addition, potential foster parents need to be open-minded, dependable, patient, and willing to be involved in open communication and commit to continuous training and becoming a part of our unique team.  Our Foster Care Coordinator along with our licensed, on staff Therapist will make frequent visits to the foster home for safety checks, therapy sessions, and follow up.  Each child from Hope Village will already have an individualized treatment plan created by our therapist tailored to their specific needs to further help ensure successful placement with their foster parent/family.

There truly is no greater gift than to see an unloved, abandoned, traumatized child flourish and grow.  There are countless benefits to our society and community as a whole when these children mature into young adults and become stable, productive citizens who know their self-worth and realize they deserve to have healing, understanding, love and support…and most of all, find HOPE for a bright future and success!

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or family to a Hope Village child, please call us at 601-553-8660 for more information.