No. Name Artist Location Sponsor
1 Midas Mare Greg Cartmell Meridian City Hall Meyer and Rosenbaum
2 Lightning Cathy Castleberry Meridian Central Fire Staion Marty Davidson Family
3 Star-Spangled Pony Debra Williamson Ruleau Lauderdale County Courthouse Citizens National Bank
4 Fantasy Filly Jessie Brashier Bonita Lakes Meridian Arts Council
5 Lady Shannon Norton Everett Dumont Plaza The Riley Foundation
6 AL Keith Everett Meridian CocaCola Meridian CocaCola
7 Giddy Up Van Gogh Dave Kimbrell Insurance Solutions Insurance Solutions
8 The Clothes Horse Denise Dengler Rhonda’s Connection Rhonda’s Connection
9 Horsecents 2002 MCC Art Students League Bank Plus-North Hills St Bank Plus
10 Horseplay Pegi Harmon & Lamar Art Students Meridian Little Theatre Lamar School
11 Your Horseness of the Queen City Peyton Long Hutchinson Lauderdale County Tourism office Long Wholesale
12 Charlie Horse Charlie Bussler 2523 Poplar Spring St Bill and Sally Scaggs
13 Kidspiration David Griffin Poplar Springs Elementary School Structural Steel Services
14 Faith Riding Hope Ruth Vinson Irwin Hope Village for Children Sela Ward and Howard Sherman
15 Winnie Debbie May Matthews Highland Park Will and Pam Dalton
16 Mare-y the Mall Trotter Kristy Bullock Bonita Lakes Mall Riley Hospital & Bonita Lakes Mall
17 Horsepower Joey Horne Weidmann’s Restaurant 22nd Ave Southern Cast Products
18 Mr. Ed-ucation 2002 MCC Art Students League Meridian Community College MCC Social Clubs
19 Magnolia Missy Richelle Putnam Super Stop -22nd Ave SUPERSTOP
20 Brothers Keeper Dottie Armstrong Rush Hospital Rush Hospital
21 Trojan Express Shannon Clay Northeast Elementary Northeast Elementary
22 Racing for Hope Terri Ann Province Meridian Automotive Group Meridian Automotive Group
23 Glass Menagerie Dana Sollie Novus Glass Novus Glass
24 Shimmering C. Jewels Millie Robinson Trustmark Bank 23 rd DT Grinders
25 Homestead Horse Bryce Speed 4905 Poplar Springs Drive Winstead Realty
26 Gypsy Stacey Deen Griffith Reflections of the Modern Garden Refelctions of the Modern Garden
27 Spirit of the Vine Teri Smith Edna’s Supermart Package Store Edna’s Supermart Package Store
28 Carriage Horse Beth Lewis 6th Street and 20th Avenue Mr. and Mrs. I.C. Walker, Jr.
29 C.C. Rider Jaime Purdy St. Patrick Church-Davis St. St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
30 I Spy Gail Crawford Meridian Public Library Friends of the Library
31 Iron Horse Jim Brashier Union Station Around Town Carousels Abound
32 Traveler Julie Lee Union Station Amtrack
33 Wild Blue Martha Hopkins Meridian Regional Airport Meridian Airport Authority
34 Front Street Phoenix J. Scott Gavin 2328 Front Street Downtown Properties, LLC
35 Seasons of Hope Patti Pollard 1704 23rd Ave Scott Anderson, MD
36 Fair Filly Jane Kynerd 821 22nd Ave Luke and Kaye PA
37 Meridian’s Dutchess Sarah Ellen Riley 8079 Van Zyverden Rd. Van Zyverden
38 The Pride of Bailey Terri Ann Province Bailey Post Office Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bailey
39 Caretaker Bobby Carter Greater Meridian Health Clinic Greater Meridian Heatlh Clinic
40 Blossom Mona Haskins Saxons Saxons
41 Freedom Sandy McLain Beddingfield Perfection Collision Ctr Beddingfield Perfection Collision Ctr
42 Rosie Paula Gutierrez 43rd Street Al and Lucille Rosenbaum
43 Legacy Mona Haskins Wrangler Furniture Wrangler Furniture
44 Hope Springs Eternal Dottie Armstrong Newton MS Hidden Springs Eternal
45 Ringer Dana Sollie Casey Avery Dennison Avery Dennison
46 Spirit of Mississippi Linda Gustafson Farrar MS Welcome Ctr/MS-AL State Line Emerson, Williams, Steverson, and Co.
47 Pride of Collinsville Lisa Daws Collinsville Welcome Sign’ Collinsville Community Club
48 Ebony Pride Ronnie MacDowell The Council of Organizations The Council of Organizations
49 The Reconciler Christie Thomas and Edward Yeatman Mission Meridian Mission Meridian
50 Jackson John Marshall Stonewall Town Hall Friends of Stonewall
51 Pat’s Passe’ Dawn Booker Pat Gray Academy of Dance Pat Gray Academy and Friends
52 Ride with Pride Millie Robinson Massey SuperMart Auto Massey Supermart Auto
53 Vision Christie Thomas Sam’s Club Sam”s Club
54 Memory Teri Smith Barham Funeral Home Barham Funeral Home
55 Wildcat Sunrise Elizabeth Murphy Meridian High School Meridian High School