The benefits of providing a continuum of care on one campus include the following aspects which are crucial to breaking the effects of the negligence and abuse our children have experienced.


Children no longer in need of therapeutic care will be allowed to transition to residential care without being uprooted from home, staff, schools, friends, and family.



Often sibling groups who have been abused or neglected are separated due to inadequate facilities. Separating siblings causes further trauma and psychological damage. One campus with a variety of services and the capability of caring for various ages and numbers of siblings could alleviate this upheaval.



Abused children are commonly in need of psychological counseling. When moved from place to place, they will, out of necessity, see multiple psychologists, making successful therapeutic sessions unlikely. The Meridian area offers a wide variety of medical and psychological resources and specialists. The importance of a physician having a complete health history of these children and having the opportunity to develop a relationship with the child cannot be overstated. Children at Hope will have the opportunity to develop continuing relationships with medical and psychological specialists in a safe and secure setting that will lead to the development of trust-based, productive relationships.

Improved Socialization Skills: Social skills development is delayed in many foster children. Moving the children from place to place has a tendency to exacerbate the problem. Time is required for trusting relationships to develop and without these relationships, children often feel isolated and alone. Children at Hope will have the opportunity to develop long-lasting relationships that will lead to mature and productive relationships.


Most of the children who come to Hope Village for Children have not had an optimal educational background. Hope Village will act as an educational advocate for these children as they move into a more permanent residential and educational setting. Educational needs will be assessed and our staff will ensure that all appropriate services are provided through tutoring, remedial studies and by utilizing all available resources in the community.



If reuniting the child with the family is the agreed upon goal, working with parents is imperative. With children scattered at various facilities, this effort is complicated. Most families do not have the means to continue relationships with children who are geographically separated.