Celebrating Easter

 In Hope Village Updates

Easter 4Easter 8Do you remember waking up Easter morning as a child and wondering if the Easter bunny had visited while you were sleeping?  Do your own children race to the windows to see if they can spot eggs peaking out from underneath the bushes in the yard?

Here is a little of the “behind the scenes” of what it takes to prepare Easter baskets for almost 40 children! Our Guild did another fantastic job of creating wonderful baskets of treats for our kids to have on Easter morning. Our children have often missed out on the special memories and joy of celebrating holidays, but here at Hope Village we make sure that while they are with us, they will experience holiday fun to the fullest!

EggHunt2The Guild stuffed many, many eggs in preparation for Easter, and our children in the emergency shelter and residential cottages enjoyed a fun egg hunt on our campus!

EggHuntEggHunt3 EggHunt4



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