Tina’s Corner: The Little Princess

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It can be hard to imagine the things that some of Dress Twirlsour children have been through before they arrive at Hope Village for Children.  Sadly, they are often street-wise beyond their years and have learned to be distrustful of the people around them.

One spring many years ago, a little girl was staying in our emergency shelter.  In preparation for Easter, a special dress was purchased for her to wear.  It was likely the first new dress that she had ever owned, and was complete with ruffles, bows and perfect for the girly-girl that she was.  She delighted in that dress.  You could see on her face how it made her feel like a princess, her joyful smile always in place while she twirled around the rooms of the shelter.

Life moved on, and the dress was traded for every day school clothes.  One afternoon the staff was preparing her for a visit with her mother.  They took her back into her room to change clothes since she had decided that she wanted to wear her prettiest outfit for that reunion, her special dress.  Shortly afterwards, the staff returned to the living room.  They looked around, found the little girl’s book bag, grabbed it and took it back to the bedroom. It turns out that she had been taking her most valued treasure, that dress, to school in her book bag every single day.  The staff’s laughter over the incident was bittersweet.  On one hand, we were so pleased that we had provided her a gift that she loved so much…and yet were saddened to realize that at such a tender age, she was distrustful of someone taking it from her.  The disruptions in her young life caused her to keep her treasures with her at all times because she never knew where circumstances would take her.

Here at Hope Village, we are not only providing a roof, food and clothing to our children. We are providing stability, consistency and a sense of security.  It is with your help and generous donations that we are able to provide material things like a first new dress, Christmas morning and Easter baskets.  It is your constant support that makes it possible to help children learn how to trust, to succeed and to know that they have immense value.  Thank you for being a part of that effort and enabling us to continue our important mission in the lives of Mississippi children!

If you would like to help us continue in our mission, please consider donating to Hope Village for Children.

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