Are you interested in participating in Around Town Carousels Abound?

This community art project began as an innovative fundraiser for Hope Village for Children over 10 years ago and is still active today!

The process for sponsoring a carousel horse for your business or organization (they are not available for personal homes) is detailed here:

  • A carousel horse begins with a sponsor submitting a $3,000 donation to Hope Village for Children.
  • Of that donation, $1,500 goes towards purchasing the horse form.
  • Once we have received the check, we are able to order the horse from the manufacturer
  • The horse will arrive 2-6 weeks later, depending on whether there are horses in stock vs. a new form being created from the mold.
  • As we are no longer able to give artists stipends, we encourage sponsors to cover the cost of the artist’s supplies.
  • The artists absolutely must use special weather-resistant paint.
  • The shipping of the horse from the manufacturer to Hope Village is included in the $3,000 donation, but beyond that shipping is up to the sponsor. ¬†Since the horses easily fit into the beds of most pickup trucks, typically the horses are picked up here by the sponsor and then taken to the artist, then for the clear coating process, then to the final destination.
  • Charlie Bedingfield at Perfection Collision Center has generously provided a clear coat on all of our horses for free – this is an important step that should not be missed as it will keep the paint intact on the horse.
  • The sponsor is responsible for installing the horse – we can provide you with a referral for vendors in town who can build a concrete slab and provide lighting for your horse.
  • Hope Village¬†will provide a plaque upon completion that includes the horse’s name and sponsor name.
Carousels Abound