Tina’s Corner: The Backpack Boys

 In Tina's Corner

One morning our staff received a call requesting we accept three young brothers, ages 4, 5 and 6, into our shelter. They had been removed from their home because of parental neglect.  They had been isolated from the world and were basically raising themselves. Assessments were needed to determine if their developmental delays were due to a lack of stimulus or something else. No foster home was available that was equipped to handle their behavior. They knew very few words, had not been potty-trained, had frequent outbursts and had never set foot in a school.

The backpack boysIn the midst of dealing with the challenges presented by these three little ones, many bright spots would appear.  One of the most memorable and endearing of these was their love of school. Their backpacks never came off. Never. They ate with their backpacks on, played with their backpacks on, and yes, even slept with their backpacks on. The pleasure and excitement they exhibited with each new experience was delightful to watch.

Our greatest thrill, however, came with watching how quickly they learned. Within weeks they were potty-trained, had begun to speak in full sentences and their outbursts had diminished greatly. It took months, but eventually all three children were thriving with loving foster families. It is only because of Hope Village’s commitment and this community’s dedication that this outcome was possible.

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