Tina’s Corner: Stories of Hope


From time to time, our executive director, Tina Aycock will be sharing stories on our blog from her many years of caring for children at Hope Village.  There will be stories of hope, of redemption, of lives changed.

There is always heartbreak and loss when a child is removed from their home, no matter the circumstances.  Hope Village for Children exists to be a safe haven and a refuge for children in the wake of such trauma.  We have been fortunate to witness the miracles that can happen when children are cared for with love and kindness.  Since we can’t do what we do at Hope Village without the immense support of our community, we hope you will enjoy Tina’s stories of hope and know that they couldn’t happen without you.

Visit here for more of Tina’s Corner stories.


  1. christopher mckinley says

    hey ms tina this is christopher mckinley i was at hope villagefrom 2005 til 2008 how you been im doing good i live in columbus ohio i will be 28 next month hope village has taught me a lot i think about yall every day hope to hear from you soon

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